Fun Dives (certified divers)

At Palaka Dive Center, we generally do two dives in the morning (starting 8:30am), as well as two in the afternoon (at 13:30pm). Dive sites change from day to day and we try to vary the dive sites as much as possible and adapt our planning to optimise the experience of everyday divers while also taking safety into account due to weather restrictions.


We ensure small groups to keep trips safe, relaxed and enjoyable but most of all, to add that personal touch to your diving experience.  Enjoy the turquoise waters and spectacular scenery of Siargao while riding in one of the few speedboats on the island. Afterwards, look up the day’s finds with our fish identification books while filling out your logbook and relaxing with your fellow divers.


For those who haven’t been diving in a while, our quick and easy REFRESHER PROGRAM is just what you need to jog your memory. It reacquaints you with diving so that you’re back to feeling comfortable in the underwater world in less than a day.


At Palaka Diving Center we believe diving is in perfect alignment with Siargao’s laid back, positive vibe that was founded by the surfing community. We look forward to share the underwater stoke with you during your stay in paradise!

Popular Dive sites

Blue Cathedral (Advanced divers only)

Siargao’s famous Pacific Ocean dive offered only to capable advanced certified divers. This magnificent and unique dive site has topography unlike any other. The novelty of this experience is descending into visibility that can reach beyond 80 meters on special days, where you’ll find yourself deep within a cavern diving to depths of up to 40m. You never know what you’ll find here with schools of Jacks, Trevally, Barracuda and eagle rays frequenting the area. On this side of the island, currents can be ripping and there can be a lot of surge (Siargao is known for its amazing surfing spots). 


As the Blue Cathedral can be an advanced experience, we require all divers to do at least one dive with us as a ‘check’ dive before the Cathedral to get familiar with our equipment, boat and way of working.

Secret Garden

Our little gem inside the bay. The Secret garden is situated close to naked island, a shallow and vibrant coral reef offering perfect conditions for fun divers and students alike. It is formed by 3 different reefs that go from 3 meters deep to 12. You will find anemonefish, crocodile fish lying on the sand, lionfish, trumpet fish, yellow tail barracuda, nudibranch, razor fish… Sign up for a night dive and try your luck in spotting our resident Mandarin fish!

Daku Arch

Daku Arch is home to several swim throughs and amazing rock formations to be enjoyed by scuba divers and capable freedivers alike! Home to an abundance of life, Daku Arch is the perfect site to fine tune your skills on a Peak Performance Buoyancy course or even tick off the species list. Some of the residents you’ll find in the area are Red Bass, Maori Sea Perch, Cuttlefish, Moray Eels, schools of Large Eyed Seabream and even an Electric Fire Clam. 

Daku Hills

A stone throw from Daku Arch are 2 unusual sea mounds littered with colourful reef fish and hidden macro gems. The generally amazing visibility and powerful blue makes a swim around the base of these formations a dive that can’t be missed during your visit.  Rising from a depth of 20m to 8m at its peak, your safety stop can be completed while enjoying the beautifully lit up reef that covers the top of these hills. Puffer fish, porcupine fish, redtooth triggerfish, yellow striped snappers, soldier fish, blue spotted stingrays.

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Instructor Languages

What to Bring

It is recommended that you visit a doctor before you go scuba diving, particularly if you plan on taking a course.

If you are already certified, we need some proof of training with an internationally recognized diving organisation (AIDA, Molchanovs, PADI, SSI, etc). If you have forgotten or lost your card, we can only check PADI certifications online. 

You can hire equipment from us or you can bring your own freediving equipment. Check with your airline about any extra charges for sports equipment before flying.

We have a variety of masks but we always recommend bringing your own if you have one that fits your face.

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